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ADHD Therapy Program

A 10-session, one-on-one ADHD program designed to help parents, children, and teens increase confidence, build better focus, and develop coping skills so they can live life with ease.

Improve Organizational Skills

Navigate Social Situations with Ease

Enhance Focus and Attention

Feeling Overwhelmed by ADHD? You’re Not Alone.

Navigating life with ADHD can feel like you’re trying to solve a puzzle while the pieces keep moving. From keeping up with schoolwork to managing social relationships to dealing with everyday distractions, it often feels like a never-ending balancing act.

It’s not just about the extra energy or inattention; it’s about finding ways to harness their unique strengths amidst these challenges. As a parent, you want to support them the best you can, yet sometimes the right approach isn’t clear. You’re seeking strategies that empower, not just instructions that manage.

We are here to help. Gain the skills and tools you and your child need to thrive.

Veritas Psychotherapy & Counselling

Support for Thriving with ADHD

At Veritas Psychotherapy, we understand the challenges that come with ADHD. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized program designed to turn the tide on ADHD symptoms, providing structured support for children, teenagers, and their parents.

Your child or teen may be experiencing:

  • Challenges in staying focused on tasks.
  • Difficulties with organization at school and home.
  • Moments of frustration and stress due to emotional regulation challenges.
  • Impulsive actions impacting their social interactions and decision-making.
  • Periods of forgetfulness or misplacing personal items frequently.
  • Variable energy levels, sometimes feeling restless or having difficulty sitting still.
  • Difficulty following multi-step instructions or completing tasks.
The path to a more focused, organized life begins here.

Veritas Psychotherapy & Counselling

What to Expect From the ADHD Therapy Program

The ADHD Therapy Program is a specialized program for children and teens ages 11 through 17 who have ADHD.  It consists of ten, one-on-one coaching sessions which are split between the parent and their child or teen.  Sessions are individually billed and covered by most private health benefits.

Program Highlights:

Ages 11 – 13:  5 child coaching and 5 parent coaching sessions

Ages 14 – 17:  9 teen coaching sessions and 1 parent coaching session 

Tailored strategies to combat the unique challenges of ADHD at every age.

Weekly topics such as focus and organization techniques, emotion regulation, social skills, and time management, and much more.

Practical, hands-on tools to implement in daily life.

One-on-one sessions tailored to individual goals and focusing on real-life applications.

Supportive resources for continued growth beyond the program.

Our ADHD therapy program isn’t just about coping—it’s about thriving. 

For the Child or Teen:

  • Techniques to help improve focus, reduce distractions, and problem solve
  • Practical tools to set goals and organize time and tasks
  • Strategies for emotion regulation and increased self-esteem
  • Methods to manage impulsive behaviour and hyperactivity
  • Confidence to navigate social situations with ease

For the Parent:

  • Effective techniques to reduce day-to-day parenting stress
  • Insights on how to support and advocate for your child with ADHD
  • Strategies to increase positive interactions with your child
  • Help in learning how to guide your child toward independence

Every client is different and comes to us with different challenges. Because of this, we can’t guarantee specific results or timeline.

Boy and Mom doing homework.

ADHD Program Therapist

Chelsea Howard, Registered Social Worker in Orillia and online across Ontario

Chelsea Howard

Registered Social Worker

Questions About ADHD Therapy

Each session of the ADHD Program is billed individually.  Clients are encouraged to check with their health insurance provider prior to starting sessions to see if they are covered for individual therapy with a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s of Social Work Degree.

The ADHD follows a structured, ten session curriculum that can be tailored according to individual client needs and goals.   Topics covered in the program for the child and teen include:

  • Understanding ADHD
  • Time management and organization skills
  • Setting goals and problem solving
  • Emotion regulation and stress management
  • Behaviour management and reducing hyperactivity
  • Enhancing social skills and peer relationships
  • Building independence

Topics covered in the program for parents include:

  • Effective strategies for parenting a child with ADHD
  • Building routines
  • Homework strategies
  • Supporting your child as they move towards independence
  • Self care

Yes!  Both the child and parent participating in the ADHD program will receive a binder chock full of handouts and practical tools for each week of the program.  These resources can be referenced later to review what was learned or to dive deeper into certain topics.  They are also a helpful way for the parent and child to practise the skills that were learned in therapy together at home.

If additional support is required by either the child or the parent following completion of the ADHD program, individual sessions may be scheduled with the therapist, either immediately after the program is finished or a few weeks or months after the program is complete.  We are here to support you and your child throughout your journey with ADHD.

The ADHD Program is currently run out of our Orillia office, located at 10 Mississaga Street East.  The program is also available through virtual therapy sessions.

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