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When did the disconnect happen, and why?

We all have the desire to feel love, be at peace with ourselves, and live to our full potential – but what do we do when it feels like there’s a barrier keeping us from living the life we want?

We help you identify the root cause of your disconnection so you can understand yourself better, build deeper bonds with the people you care about most, and live unburdened by the triggers that are keeping you stuck.

Getting to the root cause is the first step to healing.

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Psychotherapy In Huntsville & Across Ontario

Our Areas of Support

Veritas Psychotherapy & Counselling

Our Huntsville Counselling and Therapy Services

At Veritas Psychotherapy & Counselling, we provide online therapy in Ontario and in-person therapy in Huntsville.

Individual Therapy

One on one therapy to help you overcome life’s challenges.

Teen Therapy (13+)

When your teenager needs to talk, we are here to listen and support.

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First Responders & Helping Professionals

A safe space for helpers and heroes to debrief and heal.

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Trauma Therapy

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Attachment Therapy

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Anxiety Therapy

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Depression Treatment

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Eating Disorder Therapy


Why work with Veritas Psychotherapy

Because we help you experience a way of living that will transform how you connect with yourself and the people in your life.

We offer therapy that is:


We prioritize trust and genuine connection, placing the therapeutic relationship at the forefront of your healing journey.

Rooted In Compassion

At the heart of our approach is unwavering compassion, ensuring an environment free from judgment.

Deeply Transformative

We help you to achieve more than just a quick fix. We help you heal from the inside out so you can experience lasting change that positively impacts your entire life.

Joseph Hoyda, Therapist in Orillia, Huntsville, and Online across Ontario

Joseph Hoyda MA, RP

Clinic Founder, PhD Candidate
We believe the purpose of therapy should be to fundamentally change your life positively – for the long term.

Find a Huntsville Therapist

Brenda Tichler, Huntsville Therapist

Brenda Tichler

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
Joseph Hoyda, Therapist in Orillia, Huntsville, and Online across Ontario

Joseph Hoyda

Registered Psychotherapist

Our Approach

How Our Therapy Works

Sowing seeds outside | Step one of the therapy process is to understand the client's story

We understand your story

During the first session, we will focus on getting a better understanding of your challenges in order to build a connection that will encourage openness.

Growing plants outside | Step two of the therapy process is to identify the client's needs

We identify your needs

After identifying the root of what’s holding you back, we develop a plan tailored to helping you with the emotions and behaviours that will create lasting, positive change.

Nurturing plants outside | Step three of the therapy process is to help the client heal and grow

We help you process and heal

We provide you with tools you need to identify and manage the triggers and situations that come up in your everyday life to help you maintain lasting change.

We help you get results to move forward with the freedom to live fully in the present moment.
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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

– Carl Rogers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for one hour therapy sessions with our Huntsville therapists is between $160 and $190. All our therapists are registered, either with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers or the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. In Ontario, sessions with Registered Social Workers are HST exempt. However, Registered Psychotherapists are required to charge HST. All listed prices account for HST where it’s applicable.

If you need to miss an appointment, please give 24 hours notice. Please note that there is a full-session fee for missed appointments & appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

We offer an array of services designed to cater to the needs of individuals, couples, and families. Our eclectic approach blends different therapeutic techniques to deliver personalized care, ensuring each client’s unique needs and goals are met effectively.

Our team in Huntsville is proficient in a range of therapy modalities, including psychodynamic, emotion-focused, exposure, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Whether your aim is individual self-improvement or developing coping mechanisms our dedicated therapists are committed to supporting your path to enhanced mental and emotional health.

Our Huntsville-based services aren’t included under OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), but many extended health benefits do cover sessions with our certified therapists. We encourage clients to check their insurance policies or contact their providers to verify if mental health services, particularly those offered by Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Social Workers, are covered. Clients will receive a receipt after each session, which can be submitted to insurance companies for possible reimbursement, depending on the specifics of their coverage.

Sessions are booked for 1 hour and last 50 minutes. The remaining time of the hour is used for documentation, preparation and scheduling appointments.

The length of therapy is highly individualized based on your unique needs and goals. Factors like the nature and severity of your challenges, your objectives, and the pace of your progress all impact how many sessions are recommended.

At our practice, we tailor each therapy plan through ongoing collaboration with you. While some find relief after a few visits, others benefit from longer-term support for more complex issues. By regularly assessing your needs and progress, we ensure you receive the right level of care to facilitate healing and growth at your own pace.

Our focus is providing personalized, effective therapy that aligns with your specific path to wellbeing – not a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll work together to determine the appropriate duration for you.

Making the decision to seek professional help can be a significant and often challenging step, particularly during periods of heightened distress. At Veritas Psychotherapy and Counselling, our team of skilled Huntsville therapists and counsellors is ready to provide the support you need.

If you’re experiencing mental health challenges, our Huntsville therapy services are structured to provide an empathetic, confidential, and professional environment. We specialize in a range of mental health issues, including trauma, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder, and are dedicated to applying tailored treatment approaches to foster individual healing and growth.

Embarking on the path to better mental health is a significant journey. At Veritas Psychotherapy and Counselling in Huntsville, we are committed to providing the quality care necessary for an effective journey. Get in touch with us, and together, we can start the journey to feel better. We aim to give detailed help for many types of mental health problems, making sure each person gets the special care they need and deserve.

Psychotherapy is a process where individuals work with a trained psychotherapist to explore and understand their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours that are causing them challenges. It’s a journey where the therapist and the individual collaborate to explore underlying issues and develop strategies for coping and improving mental health. Here are some of the ways counselling can make a positive impact:

Understanding Emotions and Behaviours: With the help of a counsellor, individuals can delve into their feelings and behaviours. This process provides clarity and aids in managing personal challenges more effectively.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Therapy equips individuals with tools to solve problems. A psychotherapist helps explore new ways of thinking, making it easier to navigate through daily challenges.

Better Emotional Management: A therapist assists in managing emotions like sadness or anger. Through counselling, people gain skills to balance their emotions, leading to improved mental well-being.

Improved Relationships: Psychotherapy aids in enhancing communication and understanding in relationships, fostering stronger connections with family, friends, and colleagues.

Increased Self-Esteem: Working with a counsellor boosts confidence. Individuals can explore their self-worth and learn to appreciate themselves more.

Stress Reduction: Therapy offers strategies to reduce anxiety and stress. A psychotherapist supports individuals in learning relaxation techniques and ways to manage stressful situations.

Healing from Trauma: Counselling provides a safe space to process traumatic events. With the support of a therapist, individuals can navigate through their emotions and commence the healing process.

Psychotherapy, guided by a professional therapist or counsellor, is a valuable resource for addressing a variety of mental and emotional challenges. It’s a personalized experience, tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, ensuring they receive the care, support, and tools necessary to enhance their mental health and overall quality of life.

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