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Relationship and Couples Counselling

Build a Stronger Future Together

Couples therapy is a step towards a healthier, happier relationship.

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Improve Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills

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Understand Each Other's Needs

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Experience Emotional Intimacy & Physical Connection

Relationships can be challenging

Life throws a lot at us. Between juggling jobs, taking care of the family, and trying to find a little time for ourselves, it’s easy to feel stretched thin. Relationships, like everything else, need care and attention. Sometimes, things like different work hours, the daily hustle, or even just growing and changing can make us feel distant from our partners. It’s a troubling feeling, thinking you’re losing that close bond or understanding you once shared.

We provide the tools, perspective, and support you need to experience a relationship you love.

Veritas Psychotherapy & Counselling

Diving deeper into Couples Counselling

Many common misconceptions about couples therapy exist. Sometimes couples believe that pursuing therapy is a mark of shame because it means their relationship has failed or therapy is only for couples who have “serious issues” or are on the brink of a breakup. While it is true that therapy can be helpful for couples who are experiencing significant relationship challenges, it can also be beneficial for couples who simply need a relationship tune-up, a helping hand to overcome a bump in their relationship journey. Reaching out for help before challenges escalate is an incredible sign of strength and maturity and will ultimately lead to a stronger, healthier, lasting relationship.
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Some of the most common issues we see:

It’s not uncommon for couples to sometimes feel they’re speaking different languages. You might say one thing, and your partner hears another. Frustration builds, and you wonder why it’s so hard to get your point across. Through couples therapy, we help both partners develop active listening skills and express themselves clearly. By building a bridge of understanding, therapy can pave the way for healthier, open, and more effective communication.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and disagreements are natural. But when those disagreements turn into recurring arguments or misunderstandings, it can feel draining. In therapy, we provide tools and techniques to navigate these conflicts constructively, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and deeper connection.

From moving homes to welcoming a new family member or even a change in careers, life is full of changes. These transitions, big or small, can sometimes shake the foundations of a relationship. Couples therapy helps partners understand, adapt, and grow together during these times, ensuring life’s changes bring you closer rather than pushing you apart.
Feeling emotionally distant from the one you love can be a lonely experience. Perhaps you’ve drifted apart, or the hustle of daily life has created a wedge. Couples therapy helps reignite that emotional bond, fostering closeness, empathy, and mutual understanding, so both partners feel valued and heard.
Raising children, while a joy, brings its own set of challenges. Differences in parenting styles or beliefs can lead to tensions. Through therapy, couples can find common ground, uniting in their approach and ensuring their relationship remains strong while providing the best for their children.
Money discussions can be some of the trickiest in a relationship. Differing views on spending, saving, or financial goals can lead to stress. Couples therapy offers a safe space to address these concerns, helping partners communicate their financial needs and aspirations, and finding balanced solutions together.

It’s natural for individuals to evolve, but sometimes this means developing different goals or values over time. Rather than letting these differences divide, couples therapy assists in finding the shared path, aligning aspirations, and celebrating the diversity within the relationship.

A breach of trust, whether through infidelity or other means, can deeply wound a relationship. The road to healing and rebuilding trust is challenging but not impossible. Through therapy, couples can address the root causes, find forgiveness, and rebuild a foundation of trust stronger than before.
You don’t need to navigate the challenges of a relationship alone. Support and guidance exists to help you achieve the closeness and connection you long for!


Why work with Veritas Psychotherapy

Every relationship deserves the space to flourish and grow. We are committed to creating a supportive environment where couples can truly thrive. Here’s what you can expect:

Reconnection & Rediscovery

In the hustle of life, it's easy to drift apart. We help you reconnect. Rediscover the love, trust, and understanding that brought you together in the first place.

Tools for the Journey

Every relationship has its challenges, but with the right tools, they become easier to navigate. We equip you with strategies and insights to communicate, resolve conflicts, and grow stronger as a couple.

A Lasting Bond

We believe in building lasting connections. Our sessions focus on deepening your bond, ensuring that the love you share evolves, matures, and stands the test of time.

Joseph Hoyda, Therapist in Orillia, Huntsville, and Online across Ontario
Joseph Hoyda MA, RP
Clinic Founder, PhD Candidate

Therapists Specializing In Couples Therapy

Katrina Brown, Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist in Orillia and online across Ontario

Katrina Brown

Registered Social Worker, Registered Psychotherapist

Our Approach

How Our Couples Counselling Works

Sowing seeds outside | Step one of the therapy process is to understand the client's story

We understand your story

During the first session, we will focus on getting a better understanding of your challenges in order to build a connection that will encourage openness.

Growing plants outside | Step two of the therapy process is to identify the client's needs

We identify your needs

After identifying the root of your challenges, we develop a plan tailored to your unique situation to help reignite your relationship and create deep, positive transformation.

Nurturing plants outside | Step three of the therapy process is to help the client heal and grow

We help you process and heal

We provide you with the tools you need to identify and manage the triggers and situations that come up in your everyday life to help you maintain lasting change.

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Questions About Couples Therapy

In couples counseling, we allow each of you plenty of time and space to express your feelings. Opening up communication in this way helps uncover the root issues that you are dealing with. Once we have identified those, we can work with you to find a common ground and resolution to the issues. You and your partner will learn the tools and strategies you need to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, and develop healthy boundaries. The goal of couples counselling is to build a healthier, stronger relationship.
It’s not uncommon for one partner to be hesitant. Sometimes, it can help to attend an initial session alone to share your feelings and concerns, which can pave the way for joint sessions later.
Absolutely not. Our therapists strive to provide a balanced and neutral space where both partners feel heard and supported. It’s about working together for the relationship’s well-being.
It varies for each couple. Some find a few sessions helpful, while others may benefit from longer-term support. The goal is to provide the guidance you both need, for as long as you need it.
Every couple’s experience is unique, and there’s no such thing as a problem that’s “too small” for therapy. If something is causing distress or dissatisfaction in your relationship, it’s worth addressing. Therapy can provide tools and strategies to manage these issues before they grow into larger concerns. Often, couples who have a strong relationship already will attend therapy to help guide them in big decisions or times of personal growth.

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What you can expect from couples therapy

With consistency and commitment, you may notice that you:

Every couple is different and comes to us with different challenges. Because of this, we can’t guarantee specific results or timelines.
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